Who is Diesel?

Diesel, a rapper/warrior hailing from Long Island/Brooklyn is an OG to it's truest meaning. His battle scars from the streets are just to long to list. All you need to know is that he's still standing. Never one to name drop because he is a man that stands alone, but we know that's what you want.

After being the sparring partner for boxing World Champion Buddy McGurt he began an epic music career. With over 200 songs in his catalog he recorded with the likes of Kool G. Rap, Big Pun,Keith Murray, Cuban Linx, MC Shan, Snow, Junior Reed, Danny Diablo, Prince of Powerule and Delinquent Habits. Diesel was also in a rap group called HalfPit HalfDead and The Cage.In 1988, he was on the fist Dope Jam tour along with legends Rakim,KRS-one, Biz Markie, Kool Moe D, Dougie Fresh, and Ice-T. It was on this tour that KRS-ONE gave him the name DIESEL. Later on down the line he embarked on a coast to coast tour with Cypress Hill, House of Pain, Funkdoobiest, Fatal, The Hooligans, and the Lordz of Brooklyn. He would go onstage every night and do a freestyle that would entice the whole crowd. He also had a live performances on MTV's Spring Break along with Snow. He filmed a video for Penile Reunion with Kool G. Rap,MC Shan,Snow, Large Professor,and Neek The Exotic. His video as one half of The duo HalfPit HalfDead was banned by MTV and BET. The video for Better Off Dead was said to be controversial after Kurt Cobains suicide. He was casted in two movies, KLASH which was filmed in Jamaica and KISS OF DEATH which featured Nicholas Cage.

Now Diesel has linked up with underground's living legend Danny Diablo, CEO of ILL ROC records."Diesel is what ILL-ROC is all about.He is from the streets and ain't afraid to get dirty. He brings the streets to booth. We need more dudes like him. He spits like a mad man and gets respect from other real mcees" Now Diesel will be giving the space and time to do his thing on ILL-ROC. He has been in the game for a minute now and needs to be heard around the world. Look out for his new release on ILL-ROC which will be a street c.d called - Diesel - Viking Life. He will also be in a super group called The Vikings which will feat. Lord Willin', Grizz Rock and Danny Diablo. There will also be another mix tape this year which will have some of his old songs on it. There will be dope features on it also from the past & present.

Welcome to ILL-ROC Diesel!!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Photos, Videos, and mor info coming soon...